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Info for Q-Files Developers

This project was originally intended to eventually attract other queers from various cultures and languages. Since after its inception it did not gathered any interest in that direction, I hereby leave the english page and text of this project for historical reasons. However, if anyone's got a cick to work it out, I may still be contacted at spanayotov@gmail.com.

Here is the page you need in case you are an interested party in running and developing Q-Files in your language as a separate webpage / bibliography.

In order to do so and to start the process, please read carefully the following. It is subdivided in three simple parts:

(1) Procedure for starting the project
(2) Procedure for running the project
(3) Some general terms and conditions before and after running the project (a) on which you agree upon as to run your project and (b) your input and responsibilities afterwards

Please read carefully so that we all avoid dealing with questions that are already answered in this page. There is no FAQ here. Should you have any other questions please write directly to the email provided.

Also, please do not bother both yourself and us with questioning, commenting, objecting the terms and conditions of this project: it's not about being self-critical or self-reflective. It's about the fact that this is a very practical, activist, and result-oriented project and there's a whole and very clear concept and project methodology behind it. It is a volunteering project, it is accorded to volunteer work and we do not seek any furthering in so-called "improvements" of the project.

Remember: the purview and the impact of this project depend on your input.


I. Procedure for initiating the project
This project's procedure for running and developing it in your language/context. Here you will find the procedure to follow if you want to run Q-Files in your language.

Write us an email stating your interest in running the project.

Include a short CV or presentation of you and your organization (if any; you are not supposed to have any organizational affiliation; see below)

According to your vision, you have to

a. state are you to run the project in your language individually or not;

b. if not individually, and if you are about to collaborate with someone else, please also state this - you do not need to send any other info about other people that might support you in your ongoing work, just state it.

This you might do regardless of are you to run the project individually or in collaboration (from anytime now ''the project" means "the website" as they coincide).

Running the project: You have three options to run this project in terms of its Authoring / Crediting:

Individually (with no organizational affiliations whatsoever)
We need a real name and not an alias of you so that we can credit you as a contributor and developer in our official and organizational website. Since this volunteer project is an institutional undertaking of LGBT Idea, we would like to keep it that way and to have the names of real people that are not in the closet.

Hence we won't support anonymity. (See below.) We respect all subversive possible strategies one might undertake in doing this project and other activities, we respect that for real. Yet, since this is a volunteer activist project, any cyber-space strategies of subversions or related riddance are welcome provided that you are not anonymous. (There is only exception when it comes to privacy needed - see below).
LGBT Idea and the author of this project are in no way interested in supporting any processes of closeting and arguments about it. We will not be really interested in one's cybernetic, hacking (you name it) 'active invisibility'.

Individually for an organization
In this case you may credit yourself to both our site and respectively the site of your organization as to identify directly with this project in your context. This means that you want to credit this project as yours both individually and in terms of your organization of membership / affiliation.
If that is the case, then we should receive an email from your organization too stating this. This means directly that behind your authoring of the project in your language your organization becomes a project partner represented by you.

This may sound a bit odd to you. However, we envision direct declaration of interest from you and therefore your organizational affiliation do matters, especially if you would like to take an advantage of your work on this project, however simple it is, as it is.

This is the exceptional case for running the project in your language individually or in some other sneaky-leaky-volatile form. Since Q-Files is intended as an international project, however flexible it is, we will regard anonymity only in those cases when living in your context / state, etc. is legally etc. at odds with the queer character of this project. For example: Living in, say, Dubai, Iran, etc., generally means that (a) homosexuality and whatever "sexual deviations" are prosecuted by the law and (b) the bodies of authority supervise the internet and hence people are easy to be identified by their IPs., etc. So, in order to provide space for informing other people for literature that exists and is reachable / referable in your language we are totally OK with such a context.

II. Procedure for running the project

After contacting us and agreeing on who and how is running the project, then the process goes very simply and is valid for everybody:

We are sending you all the necessary files you need in English (that is, the programming of the website, the project description, etc.)

You translate them into your language, and then you send them back to us so that we create your sub-webpage of qfiles.net in your language.

Then we create a login account and a password for you as a project developer-in-charge.

Our support generally stops here - you have by this moment the sub-webpage of Q-Files in your language + the account you need to start doing the bibliography itself so that you can edit and publish any references submitted by any reference contributors.

From then on you are free to initiate whatever possible activities you consider feasible.
Also, you are free to change and modify (and not entirely change the template of) the web-design of your Q-files page, and also to link any related sites, projects, etc. you consider relevant.

The developing process and the sub-webpage of the project are yours.

Now, there are some important responsibilities you should consider here:

III. Some general terms and conditions before and after running the project

Your Inputs and Responsibilities in developing Q-Files:

You are to be listed as a project developer in our official website's project page.

You are not an anonymous developer (see exception above).
We will clearly abandon any suggestions for running this project on the basis of some digital anonymity. The project itself may be a digital internet thing, yet its subject should remain more or less public, thus its authors and developers.

You receive an administration login account for the created (after the translation of programming you provide to us) website in your language.

If you change your mind at some point for whatever reasons you please contact us so that we know that there is someone else that is running the project there (your name from then on remains too in the project's credits) or else that the project in your language is suspended for some reason.

You try to do your best to publicize and advertise Q-files in as many possible ways as you can imagine on a wide basis (electronically, print materials, etc.) in your local context depending on your (and/or your organization's) possibilities and capabilities.

You are to regularly check, edit, approve and publish the references submitted to your project's website (which is, actually, the volunteer / project development work in essence!).

You try to start your project's website with at least few available references in the bibliography of your language.

You are to clearly follow and stick to the concept behind the project (as it is very clearly stated in the LGBT Idea's English version presentation page - have a look on it if you have not done so by now). That is, you are not to put any materials / references that are irrelevant to it.

You are not to put any references in your language's bibliography other than the language of your project (also: no English referring whatsoever, just your language).

You are not to change the concept and all of its attendant modules, etc., in any possible way, that is, the bibliographical methodology, as well as the interface, and the functionality.
This you imply by the very running of your project. As already mentioned, you are free however to modify the web-design of your sub-webpage when created. Sending an email of interest is one thing, agreeing with the general terms we set for the project is another.

You are not to fund this project at this stage: it's a volunteer, free project and we want to keep it that way.
Once LGBT Idea decide on or else receive any possible funding possibilities for developing and expanding Q-files in another direction, all the developers-in-charge will be informed about such a development and respectively everybody will be free to fund one's own project.

You are not to use the web-space provided by LGBT Idea to you on the Q-files site for any other purpose. It has to be all related with the project itself (which also includes: no adds, banners, commercial messages, etc. - lust linking other pages relevant to the project).

You are not to expect that LGBT Idea as a partner will technically support you and will provide supplementary programming / advices / knowledge, etc.
You do not need to be into programming or web-design, and we do not expect this at all. You can always develop Q-files in your language with the aid of your friends.

Finally, you agree to send us a very simple statistical annual report (including any related activities, if any) of the project development, etc., if any.
Make no mistake: we won't hold you responsible for anything... That's just for the sake of accountability and we doubt it that it'll take you more than 30 min. per year.